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An amusing poem

johnw@astroatc.UUCP (John F. Wardale)
(smirk, copyright)

       C O N F U S I O N

  (provided to my by Toni Theisen April 1979)

As I was walking down the street one dark and dreary day,
I came upon a billboard and much to my dismay,
The words were torn and tattered,
From the storm the night before,
The wind and rain had done its work and this is how it goes,

Smoke Coca-Cola cigarettes, chew Wrigleys spearmint beer,
Ken-L-Ration dog food makes your complection clear,
Simonize your baby in a Hershey candy bar,
And Texaco's a beauty cream that's used by every star.

Take your next vacation in a brand new Frigedaire,
Learn to play the piano in your winter underware,
Doctors say that babies should smoke until they're three,
and people over sixty-five should bathe in Lipton tea.

From:	John F. Wardale {seismo | harvard | ihnp4} !uwvax!astroatc!johnw

[Note - reportedly the lyrics to "The Billboard Song" from "The Worst of
	Homer and Jethro" - ed.]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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