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More from the Clinton Digest (Funny Guy)
(topical, smirk, sexual, heard it)

What follows are the latest entries in the Clinton file. These are jokes which are funny, but which didn't really warrant posting separately. I post such a digest whenever I have enough entries to warrant it. Particularly selective readers will probably not enjoy the digests, and may want to killfile RHF jokes with "Digest" in the title - ed.

= = = = = = =

FLOWERS vs. LEWINSKY [rec.humor.funny]


Gennifer Flowers was asked recently if her sexual relationship with Bill
Clinton was similar to the one he had with Monica Lewinsky. She replied,
"Close, but no cigar."

= = = = = = = (Brian)

Starr Report [rec.humor.funny]

Starr Report

Reading the Starr Report has actually increased my belief in the
President's honesty.

Only a man who would get a blow-job and not cum would smoke pot and not

= = = = = = = (D. Sanders)

Always look on the bright side of life [rec.humor.funny]

Always look on the bright side of life

Clinton's first thought when reading Starr's report:

"Imagine how much worse it could have been had they
discovered that the cigar was a Havana."

= = = = = = =
Clinton's Options [rec.humor.funny]

Clinton's Options

Thinking Machines Corporation (Nikolaus Haus)

I was talking with some friends about what Clinton might do if he's
asked to pay the $44million in legal fees racked up during this scandal,
then we hit on it:

Auction the Cigar.

= = = = = = = (Shawn Riggins)

Creative uses for tobacco products (original) [rec.humor.funny]

Creative uses for tobacco products (original)

In light of the recent presidential scandal, I've come up with an idea
for a new brand of cigar featuring an irregularly shaped end: The "El
Presidente" - Ribbed for her pleasure. :)

= = = = = = =
Great Foresight.... [rec.humor.funny]

Great Foresight....

tjnugent@MIT.EDU (Tom Nugent, Jr.)

Maybe Clinton has been extremely clairvoyant when it comes to protecting
himself and limiting access to information about his private life. After
all, by passing the Communications Decency Act, he could have forced the
goverment to shut down all websites carrying copies of the Starr report,

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