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More from the Clinton Digest (Funny Guy)
(smirk, sexual, heard it)

What follows are the latest entries in the Clinton file. These are jokes which are funny, but which didn't really warrant posting separately. I post such a digest whenever I have enough entries to warrant it. Particularly selective readers will probably not enjoy the digests, and may want to killfile RHF jokes with "Digest" in the title - ed.

= = = = = = =

jdybala@holly.ColoState.EDU (John Dybala)

Conspiracy theories [rec.humor.funny]

Conspiracy theories

Absolutely true, actual statement by Hillary Clinton, as quoted in the
Rocky Mountain News on Wednesday, August 12:

"They're pursuing [Monicagate] because of where we're from. It's a
conspiracy against the state of Arkansas. They wouldn't do this if we were
from another state."

I told a coworker who is from Arkansas (and whose husband left her for a
14 year old girl) about this comment. Her response: "She may have a point.
In Washington, he's too old for her. In Arkansas it's the other way

= = = = = = = (Jack Gostl)

Clinton joke [rec.humor.funny]

Clinton joke

The word is that when Clinton was in Ireland, the Blarney Stone jumped
up and kissed him.

(Tim Russet on Imus in the Morning)

= = = = = = =

Sex-Ed [rec.humor.funny]


[ Constitutional lawyer Clint Bolick tells this one]

"Just a few months ago, we were arguing about whether children should
be taught about sex by their parents or by the schools, when our
innovative President found a third solution."

= = = = = = = (Lawrence K. Brady)

Excuses, excuses ... [rec.humor.funny]

Excuses, excuses ...

Why did the Starr Report take so long to get out?

It was hard for him to type with only one free hand!

= = = = = = = (J. A. Rea)

The University of Kentucky

Internships [rec.humor.funny]


Old Testament, First Kings, Chapter 11, versus 1 & 3.

But King Solomon loved many strange women..., women of the Moabites,
Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites....

And he had seven hundred wives (princesses), and three hundred interns.

= = = = = = = (Dave Close)

Clinton's other children [rec.humor.funny]

Clinton's other children

IMHO, the best line of the night on Politically Incorrect with Bill
Maher (ABC), Monday, September 14, was spoken by Joan Rivers. She said
that in the current scandal, the one she felt sorry for was Chelsea
Clinton: because she would forever go through life wondering if she
might have a brother or sister somewhere--stuck to a dress!

= = = = = = = (Doug White)

Translation [rec.humor.funny]


"Sodom and Gommorah?" Isn't that ancient Aramaic for "House and Senate?"

(Original from my friend Mark Fishman)

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