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Press release from Gov-elect "The Body" (John R. Crowe)
(topical, chuckle, original)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE--Mr. Jesse "The Body" Ventura, the new governer-elect of the proud State of Minnesota ("Land of 10,000 Flakes"), in an effort to smooth the gubernatorial transition has released a partial list of new appointees to head State of Minn. agencies.

Dept. Community Health: The Hart Foundation
Education: Bobby the Brain Heenan
Military Affairs: Seargent Slaughter
Treasury: Ted "Million Dollar Man" Debiase
Dept. Nat. Resources: Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Dept. Corrections: The Executioner
Transportation: Dusty Rhodes
Agriculture: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Governer-elect "The Body" Ventura emphasises that this is only a partial list, and that positions such as the Secretary of State will remain open pending results from the upcoming Wrestlemania and Survivor Series on Nov 15th.

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