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The good lord at work (phooze)
(smirk, heard it, forwarded)

One day, in a po-dunk town in the middle of arkansas, a county sheriff gunned cars on a 55mph stretch of road like he always did. Suddenly, a man in a car flies by at 90mph. The sheriff turns on the lights and sirens and proceeds to pull over the man. He approaches the car and looks inside. "Do you know how fast you were going?" he asks the routine questions. Then he notices a empty glass bottle on the floor of the passenger side, and notes alcohol on the breath of the driver. "Excuse me, you haven't been doing any drinking now, have you?" The driver looks over at the bottle, sees that the sheriff saw it, and replies: "oh, no, officer...that bottle was filled with water."...and then the sheriff thinks for a moment and says, "well then how come i smell alcohol on your breath?" The man in the car recoils slightly, thinks for a moment, and exclaims, "good lord! He's done it again!"

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