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Canadian Separation Satire
(chuckle, heard it, offense=Quebecois)

Three men, a Newfoundlander, a Quebecer and an Albertan were walking along a country road one day when they came across an old lamp beside the road.

One of them picked it up and rubbed the lamp and out pops a Genie. The Genie says, "I will grant you three wishes. Since there are 3 of you, each of you will get one wish."

The Newfoundlander thinks a bit and responds, "I am a fisherman, my father was a fisherman, and my grandfather and great-grandfather before him were fishermen. My son will be a fisherman. I wish for the oceans to be filled with fish." The Genie grants him his wish. POOF! The oceans are filled with fish.

The Quebecer jumps in and says, "I wish for a big wall all around Quebec." POOF! The Genie grants the Quebecer his wish and a huge wall is erected all around Quebec.

It is now the Albertans turn. He thinks for some time before responding, "How big is this wall around Quebec?"

"The wall is 150 feet high and fifty feet thick." replies the Genie. "And nothing can get in or out of the wall."

"Ok, fill it up with water!" wishes the Albertan.

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