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The five benefits of Mother's milk.

A young medical student is given his final examination on human reproduction. After reading Question 1; "Give five reason why a mother's milk is better than a cows milk for a newborn baby?"; he recalled four and quickly wrote them down in his exam book.

1. a mother's milk is more nutritious; it contains better balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins for the newborn;

2. a mothers milk contains a mix of vitamins that more closely aligns to a human baby's needs.

3. a mothers milk contains immunological agents that will help the newborn fight bacteria, viruses and other infections.

4. breast feeding is more nuturing and better developmentally for the child.

Stumped, frustrated and running out of time, he searched his mind for a fifth reason. After pondering the question for an agonizing five minutes, he quickly scribbled a fifth reponse.

5. the milk is delivered in a warm and "really cute" cup.

He got an "A" on the exam.

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