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Unclear on the concept (David Wall)
(smirk, true)

Every November I send donations to various organizations. With each I send a letter something like this year's:

>Dear friends:

>Yours is a worthy cause, to which I am happy to contribute.
>However, I make donations only in November, and it bothers
>me when much of my donation is eaten up flooding me with
>requests for more donations. It bothers me even more when
>I get called by telephone.
>So, please do us both a favor and don't send me a lot of
>funds solicitations. Send my one in October or November,
>and you'll get just as much money--maybe more--as
>you'll get if you write more often. If you write too
>often, I'll assume you just spend money soliciting more
>money, and I'll stop sending you any.
> If anyone from your organization ever phones me, for
> any reason whatsoever, you'll never hear from me again.
>Sorry to be so harsh, but I figure it's best if we all
>understand each other.
>Thanks, and keep up the good work.

A couple of weeks ago one of these organizations did call me. My sweetie took the call, and as soon as the caller identified himself, she told him, "Oh, it's a good thing you didn't reach him: he HATES getting these phone calls."

This weekend I got the following letter:

>Dear Mr. Wall, > >Thank you for your recent gift to <name withheld>, and for >your support over the years. > >Your letter raised a question: are we complying with your >request of no phone calls, and once-a-year mail solicitations >each fall? If not, I would appreciate hearing about it. I >tried calling to make this inquiry, but someone hung up on >me before I could explain why I was calling. > > Sincerely,

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