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Teenagers are ALWAYS Hungry (Tom Kunich)
Diablo Research Co LLC

Teenagers are ALWAYS Hungry

As you might have seen, we bicyclists tend to ride in groups. Our particular group is comprised mostly of late and over 40's types tending towards a 50's group with several septegenarians in the bunch.

Bicycling allows us to work off the excess energy that might otherwise be used in more negative ways towards our unworthy, ungrateful and unresponsive children. In a group we can discuss our problems and get suggestions and advice from those with more experience. This allows us to keep an even temper when dealing with our children's, uh, requests (No, dear, you cannot have a rhinoseros even if you DO promise to keep it in your room and clean up after it.)

During the last ride the subject was teenagers and their appetites. Most agreed that teenagers would eat anything, anywhere and at any time. Some were concerned that such appetites always made it hard to judge when you should feed them because they were always grazing.

John Carroll, the veteran parent of six children, told us of his method for judging the true hunger of teenagers.

"I would hold up a piece of cold, cooked brocoli and if they were jumping and snapping at it I figured they were hungry enough to be fed."

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