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The Ten Commandments of Java (Pete Bevin)
(original, chuckle, computers)

The Ten Commandments of Java

Pete Bevin,

Excerpt from the Book of Java, chapter 20.

7. And the Gosling spake unto them, saying:
8. I am the Gosling who brought you out of the land of Stroustrup, out of
the house of the C Preprocessor.
9. Thou shalt compile with -deprecated frequently, and study its
pronouncements with care, even though it be a pain in thy ass.
10. Thou shalt put in meaningful javadoc comments, so that thy beloved
brethren may read thy code with a joyful heart.
11. Thou shalt study the standard library, and strive to understand it,
yea, even though it sucketh rocks, that thy days may be productive and thy
typing fingers rested.
12. Thou shalt make thy subdirectories with the same capitalization as thy
package identifiers, for the God of Unix is an pedantic God, and swift to
return File Not Found errors.
13. Thou shalt not break the nightly build.
14. Thou shalt not assume that thy code runneth on other browsers.
15. Thou shalt not ignore a caught exception.
16. Thou shalt not compare Strings with ==.
17. Thou shalt stick to the style guidelines, even though it maketh thy
fingers ache and thy brain hurt, yea, even though it commandeth not the One
True Indentation Style, lest thy brethren read thy code without
understanding and curse thee.
18. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's class. Thou shalt download it off
the net, read the documentation thereof, and use it all the days of thy life.

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