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Sonny Bono Jokes revisted (Denny)
(topical, smirk, sick)

Sonny Bono Jokes

1. What was the most surprising thing about the discovery of the body?
That he was recognized.

2. Why did Sonny die in a ski accident?
After being a mayor and a congressman, he wanted to be a Kennedy.

3. What's the difference between Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy?
About five days.

4. Police reported it was a quick death. Just like his solo career.

5. The Grim Reaper's Boss: "I said, "the singer Ono," not Bono!
Dang, this is the second time you botched a job on her!"

6. What preceded Sonny Bono's senseless death?
Sonny Bono's senseless life.

7. What was the last thing that went through Sonny Bono's mind?
The 60's.

8. How was the body found?
Sonny side up.

9. What were they singing when they discovered the corpse?
"When Sonny gets blue..."

10. What kind of tribute should Cher perform?
A moment of silence.

11. How do we know Sonny was a politician at heart?
At the very end, he was stumping.

12. How will the priest begin the eulogy?
"We are gathered together on this slalom occasion...."

13. We are all mortal. And in the end, Sonny was just ski and

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