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Sonny Bono Digest (Funny Guy)
(topical, smirk to chuckle, heard it, sick)

And so it begins... What follows are the better of the one-liners regarding the death of Sonny Bono. These are jokes which are funny, but which didn't really warrant posting separately. I post such a digest whenever I have enough entries to warrant it. Particularly selective readers will probably not enjoy the digests, and may want to killfile RHF jokes with "Digest" in the title - ed.

Particularly sensitive readers will not want to read this.

>From: (Steve Norbut)
>Organization: Alpha One Marketing Group, Inc.
>Subject: Celebrity Ski Accidents

It has been rumored that the latest ski accidents are a conspiracy - The trees were planted.

[from the Bob and Tom radio show - Indianapolis, IN]

>From: (Scott Nagorka)
>Subject: Sonny Bono Jokes

What do the Republican and Democratic Parties have in common? An extra lift ticket.

Grim Reaper Skier's Forecast.......Mostly Sonny.

>From: (Robert Eden)
>Subject: Ski a Bono

If Sonny Bono skis into a tree and no one is around to hear it...

Does he make a sound?

>From: (Dave Weingart)
>Subject: Tasteless Early Morning Thoughts

A comment from Stefan Jones,

> This morning's NPR news's coverage of Sonny Bono's death stated that the
> former singer "had a great impact on the entertainment world and politics,"
> to which I mentally added, "not to mention on a tree."

>From: (Ken Mondschein)
>Subject: To ski or not to ski

The recent deaths of Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono have led to concerns that more mandatory safety regulations are needed on the ski slopes.

I disagree. I think that all that's needed on the slopes are more politicians.

>From: Lisa Friedman
>Subject: New Movie

Did ya hear about the new movie that's out?

White Men Can't Ski

>From: (Mike Sherry)
>Subject: Joke Submission

With Sony Bono's death our country has lost both a statesman and an entertainer. Although on the entertainment side, the only impression he could do was Michael Kennedy.

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