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A tactical strike? (Greg Rapawy)
(topical, chuckle, original)

A recent poll of a random sample of fictitious Americans revealed that fully 63% believed that President Clinton had ordered the American armed forces to attack suspected terrorist sites in Afghanistan and the Sudan in order to divert media attention from Monica Lewinsky.


* 71% agreed that, if so, this was "a pretty good idea,"
* only 15% held out for calling it an "immoral abuse of power,"
* with the remaining 14% settling on "par for the course."


* a whopping 87% would support Clinton in a strategic military
intervention aimed at Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office.
* 69% would back the President in a similar action against Iraq to
insure that the Lewinsky case does not return to front pages for
at least a week, and
* 57% would be willing to support an attack on "France...
possibly Italy" if it would achieve that result.

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