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But did they go blind afterwards? (David Utter)
(chuckle, sexual)

Nice to know that someone cares about the Y2K issue. (This is from CBS MarketWatch, distributed by InfoBeat at, on 8/20/98)

Playboy ready for Y2K

After what it said was "rigorous testing," Playboy says its online Playmate Database is ready for the new millennium. "Several members of the Playboy Cyber Club expressed concern that the Playmate data, particularly the measurements, might not be year 2000 (Y2K) compliant," explained Rodger Brown, editor of Playboy Online ( "I immediately asked our programmers to assess the situation." The online Playmate Database contains statistical and biographical information on the 535 women who have appeared in the Centerfold since Playboy debuted in December 1953. Playboy Online's Y2K compliance test of the Playmate Database took longer than expected, Brown said, "because the programmers insisted on checking each of the statistics in the Database with the original photos in the magazine.

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