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Over-engineered (Tim King)
JT Software Enterprises
(smirk, true)

No, I didn't make this up. I recently purchased a digitally-controlled bass preamp. It's a good unit. But I cracked up uncontrollably upon reading in the manual about the security code feature. Perhaps this was a version 1.1 solution to a version 1.0 problem.

The MB-1's SECURITY CODE feature enables you to lock out the front panel functions... The MB-1 is shipped from the factory with the SECURITY CODE OFF. To set your personal security code and lock the front panel:

1. Press the STORE button. It will light.
2. Press the Bank button and while holding the BANK button down
press the number 3 button.
3. The display will read SEt CodE _ _ _ _.
4. Enter a four digit number which you will easily remember.
5. Press the STORE button. Your MB-1 is now in lock out mode and
your personal security code must be entered upon prompt to
unlock the MB-1 and permit any front panel operations.

NOTE: In the event that you forget your personal security code, you may unlock the MB-1 by entering the default security code. The default security code is: 2001.

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