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PooPets (TM) (Rob Slade)
(smirk, true)

A few years back I was wandering through one of those "themed" tourist towns
full of gift shops and craft stores.  I noticed a basket full of brown lumps. 
The sign above them explained matters, and so, without further ado (and with
only one obvious spelling correction) I give you the story of one of the more
bizarre products I have ever encountered, the:
PooPets (TM)
Handcrafted by Amish Mennonites in Lancaster County, PA out of 100% cow manure,
Nature's finest fertilizer.  All of our friendly, functional fecal figurines
will last for years, and constantly releases fertilizer at a controlled rate
that will not burn plants.  With seeds for eyes, they are completely organic,
biodegradable and safe.  These small art works are the easiest way to
effortlessly fertilize, take care of and nurture your plucky plants for years
while adding the beauty of hand-crafted ar[t]works to the setting of your
flower pots.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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