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Playing by the Rules (Jeremy Cook)

A truck driver is passing through New York City and stops at a bar for a couple of beers. Shortly thereafter another man enters the bar, wearing a suit, bowler hat and bowtie, and carrying a briefcase. The bartender asks, "Are you a lawyer by any chance? You sure look like one" "Why yes, as a matter of fact I am," the man replies. Without another word the bartender pulls out a shotgun from under the bar and blows the lawyer away. The truck driver is stunned and asks the bartender for an explanation. "You must be from out of town, pal. It's lawyer season in New York City this time of year. You don't even need a license." "Sounds like a great idea to me," agrees the truck driver, who has recently lost his shirt in a nasty divorce and is nursing a serious grudge against the legal profession.

Upon leaving the bar, the truck driver doesn't get more than a mile down the street when he hits a pothole, blows a tire, and crashes his truck into a light pole. While trying to extricate himself from the cab of his truck, he sees a growing crowd of men and women in expensive suits surrounding his wrecked truck, thrusting their arms in through the broken windshield and waving their business cards in his face, all the while screaming at him not to move until an ambulance arrives. The truck driver reaches into his glove compartment, pulls out his handgun, leaps from the cab of his truck and opens fire on the now-scattering flock of attorneys, winging several of them in the process. As he pauses to reload, a policeman arrives on the scene and orders him to drop his weapon. He complies, whereupon the the officer promptly handcuffs him and informs him that he is under arrest. "But they're in season, aren't they?" the truck driver protests. "Well, sure, but you can't bait them."

(Based on a joke my brother told me about nerd hunting in Silicon Valley)

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