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Thank you ma'am! (RICHARD P. HARTL)
(chuckle, sexual, heard it)

There were two bulls, a young one named George and an old one named Sam. 
It was that time of year to satisfy the local female population, and young
George was pretty excited.

"Sam, Sam, can I go down to those heifers over there?" asked George.

"George, relax.  Here is how it works.  We'll wait until they're lined up
at the feed trough so we can have our way with the ladies in a nice orderly
fashion." said Sam.

"Okay, I can do that." George answered.

Well, feeding time came and all the heifers were lined up just like Sam
said and George was all excited to go down there, but Sam had a few more

"Now George, here is how this is gonna work.  I'll start at one end and you
can start at the other.  We'll meet in the middle" said Sam.

"OK, OK, let's go!" said George.

"Hang on George!.  One more important thing to remember.  These gals will
let us have our way but you have to show some respect and be polite.  OK?"
said Sam.

"Sure" says George.

Well, they go on down to the heifers all lined up.  George starts at one
end and Sam at the other.  George is pretty excited, but he remember's
Sam's instructions about being polite, so as he is going along he makes
sure to say - "Thank you ma'am, thank you ma'am, thank you ma'am, thank you
ma'am, thank you ma'am,  sorry Sam, thank you ma'am."

Heard it from a friend.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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