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Versace Digest (Funny Guy)
(topical, smirk, sick)

Here are the better jokes submitted about the recent killing of Gianni
Versace.  Your mileage may vary - ed.

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Subject: Versace

I was sent these by my friend Kerry in London, so they might be old ones by


     How do you tell a Versace shirt ..... five holes - four buttons.
     He was always a fashion victim.
     The police have caught the killer, he is pleading not Gaultier.
     He was shot with a Moschino gun.
     The killer is at large and is Armanied and dangerous.
     The police think this wasn't an isolated incident and are still trying 
     to find a pattern for the murders.
     Apparently he was shot in the face .........not for the first time!!!

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From: (Mike Silverman)
Subject: To fight crime, you must think like the criminal?

The FBI is reporting that murder suspect Andrew Cunanan might be disguising
himself as a woman to elude authorities.

Too bad the FBI doesn't have as much expertise in this thing as it used to.

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From: (Eric Ewanco)
Subject: More befitting certain Miami Beach bars, perhaps

I just jumped to Boston Yahoo and discovered a rather, er, curious
juxtaposition of ad and news links.  In the upper right, beside another ad, I
saw the following hypertext:

	Cunanan Found Dead!
	Looking for a Date?

Fortunately they turned out to be two apparently unrelated links after all.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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