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Have I taught you this poorly, young Jediwebber? (Yoda Brooks)
(smirk, Web)

I sit here.  I see before me your resume page.  I see the "objective"
line.  It has a blink tag.  A BLINK tag.  

Have I not taught you that blink tags are the creation of the Dark Side
of the WebForce?  Did I neglect to teach you this?

Ah, but you are headstrong, and must be noticed at any cost....  Beware
the Dark Side, young Jediwebber.  It will entice you to be be annoying
in order to be noticed.  Do not betray the founding principle of the
Jediwebbers -- that you it must be your webpage content that causes
people to look at your webpage.  Tricking them into looking at it, or
drawing their attention with annoying blink tags and such is the Dark
Side.  Once you start down that path, you will be continually drawn into
it, and soon you will be posting pages that are all attention grabbers
and no content.  People will quickly gawk and then leavein disgust,
without ever seeing your message.

Turn away before it is too late, young Jediwebber.  But alas, I fear it
already is, and you have already turned to the Dark Side....

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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