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RHF submission -- "Saving" (Michael Zastre)
(smirk, computers, offense=various religions)

I searched through the archives under "religion" and "save",  and found
nothing matching this little piece.  Odd, really, because it sounded
so familiar when I jotted it down...

In keep with the spirit of the "Screen Savior", this brings one to wonder
how word processor messages would differ if written by adherents to
some different Christian denominations, especially the message seen
when quitting before saving work.

Non-sectarian:  Do you wish to Save your work?

Roman Catholic: Registry indicates user is Female; only Males are able to Save.

Anglican:       Your work may or may not be Saved.

Lutheran:       If you don't follow the instruction manual, don't expect 
                your work to be Saved.

Mennonite:	Document contains the word "dancing"; it cannot be Saved.

JWs:            You are user #144,001; your work cannot be Saved.

Mormon:         Could we interest you in Saving your work?

Millenarian:    It is almost too late to Save your work.

S. Baptist:     If your work was not Saved, it is because you are evil.

TV Preacher:    This program has made mistakes in the past, but it 
                will try to Save this file.

Born-again:     Before Saving your work, this program will erase all 
                existing data; Proceed?

Faith healers:  If you believe your work will be Saved, it will be Saved.

After that, it all kind of blurs...

Mike Zastre

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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