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Klemperer's Voice

polani@Informatik.Uni-Mainz.DE (Daniel Polani)
(smirk, true)

[I heard the following anecdote from the daughter of Otto Klemperer
(for the moderator: at a reinauguration of the favorite piano of
Richard Wagner in Tribschen, where Daniel Barenboim was playing. I beg
for forgiveness should I have got details incorrectly, it's been
several years ago. BTW, this is my first submission ever, I hope you
like it). She claimed it to be a true story.:]

Some day when Otto Klemperer, the famous conductor, and George
Mendelssohn from the Vox company were strolling around in New York
they finally entered a recording shop. For some reason, Klemperer
wanted to buy several recordings of himself conducting symphonies of
Beethoven. The salesperson showed Klemperer several recordings of
Beethoven's symphonies, conducted by Karajan, Kleiber or
Knappertsbusch, but none by Klemperer.

"Why wouldn't you be content with one of those recordings," 
the salesperson said, "they are excellent".
"Because Klemperer, that's me!" Klemperer barked.
"Oh, I see," said the salesperson, "and that guy beside you is surely
"Nooo! That's Mendelssohn!!!" raged Klemperer.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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