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Count (Ismail Qureshi)
* Sahara BBS * Dammam,Saudi Arabia +(966)-3-833-2082 *
(smirk, sexual, heard it)

Joe fund himself in bed with a sensationaly hot chick. The trouble was that
her big, tough looking husband lay snoring away right next to them.
"Are you sure he won't wake up?" Joe inquired of his horny conquest as she
spread her leags.

"He sleeps like a rock" the woman answered, "Pull a hair out of his ass, you'll
see.  He won't budge."

Joe reached over and plucked a hair from the slumbering man's butt. Nothing
happned. Satisfied that they'd be uninterrupted, Joe continued.

When they were ready for a second go, Joe asked again, "Are you sure your
husband won't notice us?"

"Yank another hair out" the babe sighed, "then maybe you'll believe me".
Joe followed the instruction once again.

They repeated this ritual throughout the evening - Joe would pull a hair
from the dude's butt, and then he'd screw the wife.

Finaly, as Joe reached for hair number seven the husband sprang to life,
roaring " Listen, pal-- I don't care how many times you bang my old lady,
but do you have to keep count on my ass?"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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