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Let's Go software releases (Matthew Kwan)
(chuckle, computers)

Internally, Microsoft has been naming its products after cities, with
names such as "Memphis", and "Cairo".

If this trend takes off in the software industry as a whole, we may
see some more cynical names being used ...

"Bataan" -	A team of programmers pull a series of all-nighters and
		drive themselves to the point of collapse in order to meet
		the release date.

"Stalingrad" -	The project turns out to be far more difficult than
		expected. Management responds by assigning more and more
		programmers to the development effort, but it ultimately

"Dresden" -	The company that originally owned the product goes down in
		flames. As part of the liquidation, the product ends up in
		the hands of a competitor, who severely mismanages it.

"Beirut" -	Internal squabbling among the programmers turns the project
		into a basket case. Senior management comes in, kicks some
		heads, and gets the project back on track. But the
		programmers still hate each other.

"Carthage" -	After two previously unsuccessful releases, a third version
		of the product is released. This also fails. The project's
		programmers are dispersed, and the product's name is never
		spoken again.

"Jerusalem" -	The ultimate legacy application. Generations of hacks,
		fixes, patches, different operating systems, and changes
		of management have produced an application that is
		completely unmaintainable.

"Mumbai" -	For reasons best known to themselves, marketing tries to
		sell an existing well-known product under a new name. The
		typical response from customers is a blank stare, followed
		by "Oh, you mean Bombay".

"Nanking" -	After the developers fail to produce a successful product,
		management punishes the guilty and innocent alike with
		mass sackings.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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