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Gretchen's Top Ten (Victoria Bush)

The following appeared in my mailbox after the birth announcement of  
Gretchen M. Werckman, born July 1 this year. Full credit for this list  
goes to Paul Wojtaszek ( Forwarded with his  

                      GRETCHEN'S TOP TEN

(This is in response to the news that Tony and Carol just had a new baby.)

(Of course, they couldn't really have an old baby...)


10. No longer guaranteed stage time with the Underground;

9. Thought the "new apartment" would have a dishwasher;

8. So dark in there she kept tripping over that damned placenta;

7. Knowledge that mom will soon no longer find full force kicks to the  
stomach amusing;

6. That whole Tyson-Holyfield thing;

5. Saying "I need another feeding like I need a hole in my head", then
realizing she kinda has one;

4. Every other kid in this place looks exactly like her;

3. Three nagging facts: Mom's a geek scientist, Dad's a geek scientist,
Mendelian genetics is real;

2. Clothing;

1. Everybody keeps talking about her weight.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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