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Oh, the humanity!!! (Joshua W. Burton)
(original, chuckle, computers)

Some of you may have noticed the AltaVista Blimp at the World Series game
on Saturday night.  Those who didn't will be understandably reluctant to
believe me, but check their home page---it's real.  Anyway, the more I
thought about the image Digital is projecting here, the more I liked it:

10.	A big bag of hype, with a tiny obsolete engine driving it.
 9.	Rises rapidly and conspicuously, as long as it's hot.
 8.	Expensive to patch, almost impossible to port.
 7.	Rarely up for heavy traffic hours, when it would be really useful.
 6.	Always at whim of prevailing winds.
 5.	Too many hits, and you can watch it crash and burn.
 4.	Engineering staff on bottom, marketing on top.
 3.	Very weird perspective on the message, if you're on the inside.
 2.	Reluctant to address obvious privacy concerns.
 1.	When you try to bring it down to earth, you end up with a bunch of
	guys at the end of their rope.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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