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Shotgunning a Beer Joke (Jeremy E Collins)

[Note - "shotgunning" is an American tradition where a can of beer is held
	up-side down against the mouth after hole has been poked near the
	can's base.  The can is opened, and the hole in the base causes the
	beer to come out very fast.  The object of shotgunning is to attempt
	to drink all of the beer as it rushes out - ed]

	One night at a party, my friend Norm and I were pretty drunk and 
sitting on the couch, talking. I had the bright idea to dare him to 
shotgun a beer.
	"No," he said. "I dont wanna shotgunna beer."
	"Please?" I asked, hoping he would change his mind.
	"No," he said.
	This volley continued for a few minutes until finally Norm agreed 
to shotgun a beer, if only to stop me from bugging him.
	I handed Norm a fresh beer and a can opener with which to poke 
the hole. Norm proceeded to shake the heck outta the beer. When Norm was 
finally ready to shotgun to beer, he raised it, went to poke a hole in it 
	The bottle broke.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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