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Translation humor (Geoffrey A. Landis)
Ohio Aerospace Institute at NASA Lewis Research Center

I posted this in response to a post in sci.physics, but it occurrs to me
that it might be amusing enough to send to rec.humor.funny.  Pardon me if
you've heard it before.

>I've heard that "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,"
>translated into Russian and back gives you: "The liquor is
>favorable but the meat is poor."

Sure, there are lots of good examples of these.  One of my favorites is
about the businessman who spent three days negotiating a tough deal with
a Japanese businessman.  The third day, things were going well, and he
said, "well, I think that at last we're thinking along parallel lines."

The next day the Japanese businessman didn't show up.  He checked the
hotel and discovered that the businessman had checked out!  So he rushed
to the airport and found the Japanese businessman in the departure
waiting room.  He said, "Why are you leaving?  It took three days, but
we're finally thinking along parallel lines!"

And the Japanese businessman nodded, and said, "Yes, yes.  I scrutinize
my dictionary.  Parallel lines will never meet.  So I go home."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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