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I've seen the dark! (Alex Pomeranz)
(smirk, computers)

There's a good chance something like this has been printed before, but 
it's funny enough to me that I have to submit it...

My girlfriend was over tonight playing around on my computer with both 
Windows 95 and Mah Jongg for Windows.  She has a mild interest in 
learning about computers, and I like to teach, so I often find myself 
explaining various things to her.  Tonight we decided to install a piece 
of software.

So we're in the Windows 95 screen with all the windows closed and there 
are a variety of shortcuts on my desktop.  I tell her, "Okay, you're in 
Windows 95 right now.  We'll need to drop to Dos to install this 
software" and she goes rummaging off through my start menu to find the 
shell icon.  I tell her, "It's on the desktop." and she locates it and 
double clicks on it with ease.

The screen flickers, and the standard black MS-DOS background flips up, 
and this expression of "Aha!" comes up on her face and she looks at me 
excitedly and says, "So the black stuff is MS-DOS?"

After I finished laughing, I said, "Yeah.  The black stuff is MS-DOS". :)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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