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True story: Hapless criminals (Barton E. Schaefer)
(smirk, true)

Retold from a report read in the S.F. Chronicle, Jan 24:

On the morning of Jan. 23rd, a woman paid a friend $10 to drive her
to Oakland and wait in the car while she cashed a check at the bank
around the corner.

A few minutes later, pursued by armed security guards, the woman
ran back to the car and jumped in.  As they pulled away, the woman 
told her friend that she had just robbed the bank.

The friend, displaying the most presence of mind of anyone in this
whole sordid saga, stopped the car and ordered the woman out.

With wads of cash still in her hands, the woman ran down the street,
trying to flag down and steal a passing car.  One of the drivers she
flagged must have seen what she was carrying, because he leaped out
of his car, punched her, and grabbed most of the money.

As the two wrestled in the middle of the street, police arrived and
arrested both of them.  The woman was charged with bank robbery and
attempted auto theft, and the man she tried to flag down was charged
with robbing *her*.

Police said this was the first robbery suspect they could recall who
got robbed during commission of the crime.  And on top of that, the
robber paid to earn this dubious distinction.

On the bright side, she's got a really good shot at getting on The
Late Show for the next installment of Stupid People Tricks ...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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