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S&M (Augie Kuo)
(chuckle, electronics, heard it)

This one was forwarded by friends:


My girlfriend always seemed to enjoy seeing just how much she could get away
with doing some form of bondage in public.  She does this partly because she
finds it fun, mostly because she knows it drives me out of my tree. Usually,
I'm able to fast-talk my way out of potentially embarrassing situations with
Mundanes, but yesterday she nearly got me fired.

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch together.  Afterward, she accompanied me
back to my place of work.  I thought this slightly unusual, since she
had never before expressed an interest in my work (electronic
engineering), but it didn't occur to me that she had something planned.

We arrived at my workbench, where I'm currently trying to figure out
why the $& board on which I'm working is not performing the way I
designed it.

"Is this where you work?" she asked.

"At the moment," I replied.

I reached over to turn on the scope, thereby completely failing to
notice the huge studded black leather collar she produced from her purse.  
Before I could even blink (it is amazing the speed at which she
could do this), she had locked the collar snugly around my neck, and
locked the end of the six-foot jack chain to the center of the bench
(where there just happened to be a mounting hole, dammit).  I turned to
face her in utter disbelief, mouth agape.

"I'll be back for you at five," she said.

"HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY WACKO!!?!? I yelled in a hushed voice.  "HOW

"You'll think of something," she said, dropping the keys into her
clevage. "You always do."

"But suppose I have to go to the bathroom," I countered.

"Don't give me that," she said.  "I've seen you go for a whole day
without visiting the bathroom."

"But...," I tried to say.

"SHHH!  The subject is closed.  I'll be back at five.  Bye."

She turned and left, against my hushed protests.  I sat in panic and
tried to think myself out of my situation.  I tried to think of all the
people who might visit.  Most of my co-workers were friends who knew
that my girlfriend and I were a bit odd, so this shouldn't surprise
them.  But I had no idea what I was going to say if one of my bosses
came in.  I checked my watch to see how long I would have to endure
this ignomity. 13:30 (I'm a military time weenie).  "Three and a half
hours," I thought.  I heaved a sigh, and got to work, such as I could.

As it happened, three of my co-workers visited for what-not.  
All of them immediately noticed the collar (it would be pretty hard not to),
and asked if it was my girlfriend's idea.  I said yes.  They asked what
I would say if my supervisor saw it.  I said I hadn't the faintest idea.

One of the aforementioned colleagues took the bench next to me, and
after a few remarks (and a question as to where he could get a collar
like the one I had), settled down to work in silence.

After some time, I checked my watch.  16:40.  "Gee, I just might make
it through this after all," I thought.  I was even beginning to get a
handle on the problem on the #%^*@! board on which I was working.
Murphey must have been standing right behind me reading my thoughts,
for not more than two minutes later one of my bosses entered the room.
And not just any boss. Noooooooo.  This was Mr. Narrowminded himself.
This was the guy who took Lifespring and became a born-again
fundamentalist.  How he came to have the power of hire-and-fire over us
is one of the Great Mysteries of The Universe.  We avoided this guy at
all costs.

His eyes fell upon me immediately.  A few picoseconds later, he saw 
the collar around my neck in all its splender.  "My life is over," I
thought.  I still hadn't thought of a plausible explanation for this.
Mr Solderbrain (the name we called him behind his back; a corruption of
his real name) started to walk slowly and deliberately over to me, his
eyes fixed on the collar.

Fifteen agonizing seconds later, he was standing next to me.  I thought
the guy next to me was going to have a siezure stifling all his
giggles.  I continued to work, acting as though there were nothing the
least bit unusual about my predicament.

Finally he spoke.

"What.  The.  HELL!  Is.  That??!" he said.

I don't know how I thought of what I said.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I
didn't know what I was going to say until just as i was saying it.  I'm
even more amazed that Mr. Solderbrain actually bought it and didn't fire 
me on the spot.

I turned to face him calmly, with total nonchalance, exuding complete
confidence in what I was about to say, even though I didn't know what
it was yet.  I didn't even miss a beat.

"Grounding strap," I said, and returned to work

The guy next to me fell off his chair and nearly died laughing.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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