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Top Ten Anagrams -- 'Communications Decency Act' (Mike Morton)
(topical, original, smirk)

Copyright (c) 1996 by the author, Mike Morton <>. All  
rights reserved. You may reproduce this, in whole or in part, in any form  
provided you retain this paragraph unchanged.

Top Ten Anagrams for "Communications Decency Act"

 10. Caution cynic: Scan modem, etc.
  9. Communist, candy, cocaine, etc.
  8. Academic custom: Cynic on 'Net
  7. Connect CIA, communist decay
  6. I disconnect my Acme account
  5. [This anagram too offensive to post]
  4. Condoms, etc., can cue intimacy
  3. Decency? Commit a sin, account!
  2. Cut my academic connections
And the number one anagram for "Communications Decency Act":
  1. Comic scene: Nudity act on Mac


     A succinct edict: man, economy
     CIA? Disconnect me, my account?
     Connect Mosaic; induce my act
     Cute, cosmetic cynic: Madonna
     I accuse; condemn my tactic, no?
     I accused: Connect into my Mac
     I can't commend saucy conceit
     Media custom: Connect a cynic
     Mice may disconnect account
     Scan me: CIA concocted mutiny

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