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Safety warning (Richard Tobin)
HCRC, University of Edinburgh

We recently bought some "candle sand" - granulated coloured wax that
can used to make candles.  It came with straightforward instructions
but on the back of the instruction leaflet was the following text:

  After printing the reverse we have been advised by the Trading
  Standards Department to add the following points to our "not entirely
  satisfactory" instructions overleaf.  Yes, really.
  Candle Sand is a candle, therefore:
  1. It is not at all a suitable thing for a child to play with.
  2. It should not be used in a flammable container: this includes
  3. It gets hot.  (After it has been lit.)
  4. Although it "floats on top of liquid", this liquid should not be
  flammable.  You should not, for instance, light Candle Sand while it
  is floating in a glass of petrol even if you do want your dinner party
  to go with a bang.
  Two other points: it should not be mixed with substances such as
  gunpowder, nor should it be eaten, even when it is not alight.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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