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Internet Bombs (Tom Benjamin)

The other day I went into the library office at my school
to borrow a three-hole puncher to punch holes in a document
that I was going to store in a three ringed binder.  I am a
known computer geek at my school, and people normally give
me a hard time whenever it comes to obtaining access to
equipment such as computers, lab equipment, etc...  The
Librarians in particular mistrust me with their card
catalog computers, and other manifestations of high technology
in our library.  In keeping with this philosophy my request
for the hole puncher warrented the following dialog.

Me:  Can I borrow your three-hole puncher for a minute?
Librarian:  (Instantly suspicious) What do you want it for?
Me:  That, combined with Dangerous Knowledge acquired on the 
internet will allow me to build a bomb and blow up the school.

	The librarian just sighed and handed me the puncher.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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