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Things look different in Pidgin (Glen Creasy)

In the Inside Australia book by John Gunther, there is a discussion of 
Pidgin since it is/was spoken in New Guinea, and had attained a type of 
grammar and large vocabulary.  There are similarities to English, viz:
     government comes out as 'guvman'
     something as 'samting'
     belong as 'bilong,' 'bolong,' 'blong,' etc.

As an introduction to Pidgin, some select words:
     woman ---------------> 'meri' (Mary, generic word for woman)
     another man's wife --> 'meri bilong enaderfelo man'
     hair ----------------> 'grass bilong hed'
     helicopter ----------> 'mixmasta bilong Jesus Christ'
     coffin --------------> 'die bokus'

And my personal favorite,
     piano --> 'bokus bilong teeth yu hitim teeth bokus i cry'

And now, the Commandments in Pidgin, as translated by the 
Alexishafen Catholic Mission in 1937:
     1. Mi Master, God bilong yu, yu no ken mekim masalai 
        end ol tambaran.
     2. Yu no ken kolim nating nem bilong God.
     3. Yu mast santuim sande.
     4. Yu mast mekin gud long papamama bilong yu.
     5. Yu no ken kilim man.
     6. Yu no ken brukim fashin bilong marit.
     7. Yu no ken stilim samting.
     8. Yu no ken lai.
     9. Yu no ken duim meri bilong enaderfelo man.
    10. Yu no ken laik stilim samting.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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