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Deer hunting the hard way (David Hinerman)
(chuckle, true)

I heard the basic story and indicated commentary on a local radio news program. Additional commentary is mine.

Reported on WCDR, Cedarville, Ohio, on 22 August 1996:

"No, that isn't a new speed bump. Highway workers in an Ohio county recently paved over a dead deer laying on the edge of the road. When asked why they did it, the manager of their garage said that they didn't see it. The mayor of a nearby town said that the deer had been laying there for about three weeks.

"The Director of the Ohio Highway Department said that it is not the state's policy to pave over carcasses in the road."

And then the reporter's commentary:

"Not the state's policy? Does this mean this has happened before?"

And my (imaginary) follow-up story:

The game warden for that area, when he learned of the incident, began an investigation to see if the highway workers had engaged in poaching. When he learned that the paving process involves petroleum products at high temperature, he closed the investigation stating that clearly the deer was fried, not poached.

And my commentary:

Will this incident cause the present law that restricts hunting from a vehicle to be amended to permit hunting from paving equipment?

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