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Answering for Searches, eh?
(smirk, true)

Source: Seattle newpaper (the PI?)
Comedy that is rip-`n-read:

A pilot and his family were flying an amphibian light aircraft into British
Columbia.  They had the misfortune of flipping the plane on landing.
They managed to get out of the plane, which then sank, and swam a half
mile to land, where they survived bruised and cold three days,  until
finally found due to a coincidental sighting.

There was an official search that was initiated at the time of the accident.
The searchers arrived at the scene of the airplane sinking, assumed nobody
survived, and called off the search.

The search official defended the decision, reportedly saying:
"They (the people who swam to land) did all the wrong things;
they left the scene of the accident and left no indications which way
they had gone."

Well, yes...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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