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A joke from Peking University. (xiao-lin li)
Indiana University, Bloomington
(smirk, computers)

Internet is becoming popularized in China. More and more people
have opened an email account. However, there are still some problems with
this new media. Mis-delivery is a serious one. Last week a Beida graduate
student called Li Na tried to send a "have a try" email to his classmate
Zhao Wen-Jian, but that message was sent to Mr. Li Peng, one of the top
leaders in China, by mistake. As a result, Mr. Li was surprised by the
following message: "Hi, Fatty: How are you? This is only a try.  By the way,
the yellow joke you told last night is just great."

The next day, Li Na received an email from ""
in which he was told:"We have evidence to proof that you have been tapping
the highest security hotlines of government.Any attempt to bug the tele-
phone talk of country leaders is illegal."

Footnote: Li Peng is the Premire who ordered to kill Peking students
	  in Tiananmen Square in 1989 crackdown.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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