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Popcorn (by way of Joe Zeff )

The following is a real e-mail I received at work:

>To:Popcorn Lovers

>From: Estab Exec

When popcorn is cooked in the microwave here on the premises it ends up
permeating almost the entire building, much like the way you may have seen
germs travel in the movie "OUTBREAK".  

This has been effecting people in a couple ways: a) throwing them into a
mad, foaming feeding frenzy grabbing almost anything within arms reach and
attempting to eat it, or b) putting them into incredibly realistic daydreams
in which they are being smothered to death by massive glacier-sized streams
of melted butter.  This may be some kind of allergic reaction and we are
having a team of Popcorn Dream Analysts flown in from Austria to look into
the matter.  (The oddity is that the person who is cooking the actual
popcorn does not seem to be the leaset bit affected by it's odor.  Go figure.)

In any case, we are going ask (and this is the more serious side of this
message) that popcorn be brought in already popped so those not actually
eating it can continue on without these drastic side effects.  To put this
more plainly: please do not cook popcorn in the microwave during the main
working hours (9am-6pm).

Thanks for your understanding.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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