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Modern art & cows
(smirk, heard it, swearing)

 While preparing for the quinticentenial celebrations for general Custer's last 
stand in little big-horn, the commitee turned to a very big modern artist in 
New York, and asked him to make a painting for the occasion.
 Anyway, after some three months, and several hundreds of thousands of 
dollars, came the big moment. A whole lot of people gathered in a huge hall, 
with the media, politicians, and everyone who is anyone. Camera clicking, the 
microphones turning here and there...
 Then came the moment of revealing the picture. The artist takes off the 
cover, and everybody, but EVERYBODY, falls silent. The cameras stop clicking, 
and everyone is in total shock. 
 In the middle of the picture, with a halo over its head, stands a huge cow. 
Around it, depicted in detail, are hundreds of couples of indians copulating.
 Well, after a few seconds a newspapermen stands up and asks the artist, 
hesitantly: "excuse me, but can you enlighten those of us who are ignorant in 
the ways of modern art and explain the picture?"
 "OK", says the artist. "I was thinking to myself, about Custer climbing that 
hill, and beholding all the indians waiting for him there, and I told myself 
that probably the first thing that came into his mind was: "holy cow, look at 
all those fucking indians!" "

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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