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(smirk, long)

    Forrest Gump                 Life is like a Box of chocolates...
    Forrest Dahmer               People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!
    Forrest Simpson              Mmmmm, chocolate...
    Forrest the Hun              Chocolate all mine!
    Forrest Simmons              Chocolate is bad! EXERCISE! EXERCISE!
    Forrest Rivera               People who like Chocolate..Next on
    Forrest Jackson              Little kids like my box of chocolates
    Forrest Hefner               Keep the chocolate, lose the box.
    Forrest Shakespeare          Chocolate, or no chocolate. That is the
    Forrest Of Borg              All chocolates must be assimilated
    Forrest Presley              Hunk a hunk of milk chocolate
    Forrest Zen                  I am one with the chocolate
    Forrest McClain              I used to be a box of Chocolates
    Forrest Ventura              Chocolates...Alll-Riighty then...
    Forrest Lauper               People just wanna have chocolate
    Forrest Turner               What's chocolate gotta do, gotta do with
    Forrest Bones                Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a box of
    Forrest Spock                Logically speaking, we are all chocolate
    Forrest Scotty               The box...she's breaking apart Capt'n
    Forrest Rooney               Why is it that we are all chocolates?
    Forrest Butler               Frankly Scarlett, I don't like chocolate
    Forrest O'Hara               Tommorrow, is another box of chocolates.
    Forrest Lee                  Fight with your inner chocolate
    Forrest Doo                  Roinks Raggy, Rocolates!
    Forrest Pig                  Life is a box of choc-choa-che..candy
    Forrest Marx                 That's the weirdest box of chocolates I've
                                 ever seen....
    Forrest Nicholson            You want chocolate? You can't handle
    Forrest Copperfield          POOF! The chocolates are gone!
    Forrest X                    We didn't land in the box of chocolate
                                 The box of chocolate landed on us
    Forrest Hitler               White Chocolates only!
    Forrest the Frog             Someday we'll find it,
                                 The chocolate connection
                                 The plain ones,
                                 The cream filled, and me
    Forrest Eastwood             I know what your thinking.
                                 Did he eat five chocolates, or did he eat
                                 Well let me ask you...
                                 Do you feel hungry,PUNK? Well...DO YOU?
    Forrest Barney               I'm cream filled 
				  You're with nuts
                                 We're a box of chocoluts...
    Forrest Adam and Eve         ADAM=Chocolates are forbidden
                                 EVE=Just eat one....
    Forrest Moses                I command the chocolates to seperate!
    Forrest Noah                 2 creams, 2 nuts, 2 coconuts,
                                  2 peanut butter...
    Forrest Christ               Let he without sin, eat the first
    Forrest Ali                  Chocolate's the greatest!
    Forrest On Phonics           Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets
    Forrest PsychicLine          Yes, I knew you were a chocolate
    Forrest 900-line             oooh, can I suck your cream filled
    Forrest Dating Game          Bacholar number two...
                                 If I was a piece of chocolate,
                                 What would you fill me with?
    Forrest Alimony              The Box is mine!
    Forrest Adultry              You just can't have one chocolate.
    The Forrest plague           Ewww..these Chocolates are bad
    ChiefJustice Forrest Thomas  I never touched her milk-duds!
    Forrest Andrews              The Hills are a box of
    Forrest Allen                Chocolate...Huuuh?
    Forrest Costello             Who's eating chocolate?
    Forrest Abbot                No, Who is not eating chocolate
    Forrest Vader                Luke...I am your chocolate
    Forrest Yoda                 There is a dark chocolate, and a light
    Forrest Obi 1 Kenobi         May the chocolate be with you
    Forrest Butthead    is like a box of, um...chocolates
    Forrest Beavis               Heh-heh, you said Box
    Forrest Frued                Is life really a box of chocolate,
                                 or is it your mother you want?
    Forrest SkeeLo               I wish I had a box of Chocolates...
    Forrest Trebeck              The answer: This is like a box of Chocolate
                                 (Contestant): What is Life
    Forrest Hillary              Hey Bill...those are my Chocolates!
    Forrest Fudd                 Wife is wike a box uv chocowates
    Forrest Calvin               It's not a box of chocolates,
                                 It's a transmorfgorizing ray!!
    Forrest Tannen               Chocolates...McFly, hello!!
    Dr. Forrest Ruth             Chocolate is nice, but sex is better!
    The Forrest Zone             There is another dimension,
                                 beyond that which is known to man,
                                 It's a dimension of cream-filled bon-bons,
                                 Or nutty carmel turtles,
                                 and it lies in the white cardboard box,
                                 in the pit of my lap.
                                 It is a candy coated center of
                                 comparision, and it is a place we call... 
				 The Forrest Zone
    Forrest Latin                ifela sia a oxba foa hocolatesa
    Forrest Lincoln              Forescore and several chocolates ago...
    Forrest Satan                Life is a box of melted chocolates (Sign)
    Forrest Churchlady           Chocolates...well, isn't that special!
    Forrest Wayne                Sh-yeah..and life is like a box of
				  chocolates as if...
    Forrest Garth                Hey mister chocolate man...who's trying to
                                 kill you?...I don't know but you better
    Forrest Bond                 Life's a box of exploding chocolate
    Forrest Smurf                Smurf is a smurf of smurfs
    Forrest '95                  The box is the same,
                                 But the chocolates are upgraded
    Forrest Lennon               Imagine there's no chocolate...
    Forrest Hall                 Will you take the Box of Chocolates,
                                 or what's behind DOOR NUMBER TWO?
    Forrest Press Your Luck      Box of Chocolates! No Whammies...STOP!
    Forrest of Fortune           LIFE I_ LIKE _ __X _F CH_C_L_TE_
    Forrest Popeye               I yam a box of Chocolets...yuk, yuk, yuk
    Forrest Ice                  If you got a chocolate,
                                 Yo I'll box it.
                                 Check out my life,
                                 As my D.J Rocks it!
    Forrest Ross                 Life is a happy little box of chocolates
    Forrest Bill and Ted         Dude, Life's totally a box of Chocolate!
                                 ___AIR GUITARS TRIUMPHANTLY_____
    Forrest Fife                 This Box of Chocolates is a lethal weapon!
    Forrest Stooges              Look Chocolates....nyuk nyuk nyuk
                                 Scram Wise guy **BOink**
                                 Leave him alone Moe!
                                 Oh you want in on it too...**SLAP**/CRASH/
    Forrest Reagan               Life is a box of um.....
    Forrest Bush                 This will not be another Box of Chocolates!
    Forrest Clinton              I didn't inhale the cream centers
    Forrest Limbaugh             Life may be a box of Chocolates...
                                 But the Democrats are all nuts...
    Forrest COPS on location     Bon bons, bon bons
                                 whatcha gonna do
                                 whatcha gonna do, when someone eats you!
    Forrest Feud                 Life is like a?
                                 (Contestant) Box of Chocolates...
                                 (other Contestants) ooh good answer, good 
                                 Box of chocolates...SURVEY SAYS?
    Forrest Native Americans     These chocolates are moving to a smaller

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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