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Sheep'n'shepherds - Bulgarian style (Zdravko Kolev)
(smirk, sexual, heard it)

The joke I am about to submit seems to be indigenous to Bulgaria - 
I've consulted a few New Zealanders (those guys seem to be even 
greater experts on sheep), and none knew that one.

A young man grew fed up with modern life and decided to leave the big city 
and become a shepherd, spending months in the seclusion of the distant 
mountains alone with his thoughts and sheep. So he went up the high 
mountains where he found three older shepherds with a big flock of 
sheep, and asked them to show him the ropes. The shepherds agreed.
The young man spent a week with them. One evening by the fire he asked 
casually,"So how do you guys get by with no women around here?"
Said one of the men,"Why, with so many sheep around, who needs women?" 
The youngster shuddered: "Yak!  How horrible!  How can you...?"
The three men only smiled and said nothing.

Another week passed and one morning the young man realized that the 
tension in his groin had grown unbearable. He remembered what the men had
said, and looking at the sheep, thought, "Hmm, why not after all...". 
He chose a moment when none of the older shepherds were around, and grabbed 
one of the nearest sheep. However, the others showed up in a minute, and 
seeing him with the sheep burst out laughing.

"What? What?!!", shouted the young man, blushing. "You told me that's what 
you did yourselves, didn't you??!"

"Yeah, sure! But to choose the ugliest one??!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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