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Mini (Hugh Kilpatrick)
(smirk, heard it)

A man was driving along in his mini and it broke down.  He was parked on the
verge trying fix it when a Jaguar pulled over in front of him and the man
offered to help.  After a few minutes they obviously weren't going to get it
going so the Jaguar driver offered him a tow.  They hitched up the mini and
agreed that, if he was going too fast, the mini would blow his horn and flash
his lights to get him to slow down and off they set.

At the next traffic lights a Ferrari pulls up beside the Jaguar and revs his
engine provocatively a few times.  When the lights turn to amber the Ferrari and
the Jaguar burn rubber and are both soon doing 140mph.

After a while they go through a speed trap and the policeman, realising that he
will need help to catch them, radios in for assistance saying:

"You won't believe what I saw;  a Ferrari and a Jaguar doing 140mph side by side
and a mini behind them flashing his lights and blowing his horn trying to get

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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