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This is a true story. Really. (Gary Marquart)
MDL Information Systems, Inc.

Our telephone system here goes on automatic outside normal hours and, 
like many others, invites callers to dial the desired extension; "If you 
don't know your party's extension, but do know their (sic) name, spell 
it, last name first."

So, I got a call from someone who will go unnamed, who told me, "Your 
super fancy telephone system really sucks!"  Why? I inquired.  "Well, I 
called the other evening, but I forgot your extension.  I tried spelling 
your name, and nothing happened!"  Really, I said.  Did you start with my 
last name?  "Of course, just the way the system told me to."  Well, maybe 
you entered it too fast.  "I tried three times, and very slowly:  M  A  R 
 Q  . . ."  Well, there isn't a Q on the dial.  What key did you press 
for Q?    --- Long pause ---  "What do you mean, press keys?"

After I stopped laughing, she'd hung up.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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