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Advertising errors (Leigh Gardner)

Several friends and myself were watching television when the newest of 
the Coca-Cola polar bear commercials came on, where the baby polar bear 
dropped his ball into the icy water, a seal retrieved it for him, and 
they both kicked back and had a Coke to mark their friendship (or 
something like that- I'm paraphrasing).  Anyway, the following reaction

One of my friends immediately spoke up and said:
"There are three things totally wrong with that commercial:
	First, the polar bear wouldn't have hesitated, and would have 
gone in the water after the ball itself.
	Second, if there had been a seal in the water when the polar bear 
came around, the bear would have forgotten all about the ball and would 
have instead swatted the seal out of the water.
	Third, there wouldn't be any seals near where any polar bears 
might be in the first place."

After a second of thought, I added:
	"Fourth, polar bears and seals don't drink Coke."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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