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Last Will & Testament
(smirk, original)

This concept has nothing whatever to do with humor, nevertheless, the concept
is an important one.

We have two sons, and in bringing them up we have been careful to imbue them
with the belief that money can not buy happiness or love. On the other hand,
we always felt we would be remiss were we to fail to impress upon them the
importance of the Bottom Line.

With this in mind, we developed our version of our Last Will & Testament. As
we explained to our sons, our will includes three unusual features:

1 - It is on computer, it is revised frequently, and at random intervals.

2 - The will leaves everything to one son without one cent left to the other.

3 - Who gets everything is determined by which son has been the most
thoughtful and attentive to us RECENTLY. Past attentiveness and
thoughtfulness counts for nothing - only what has been done RECENTLY.

It is simply amazing how loving, thoughtful, and considerate those boys have
become, and we commend our method to all thoughtful people.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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