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Five-Martini Lunch
(chuckle, heard it)

Five-Martini Lunch
(from a former co-worker)

A man went into a bar and ordered a martini. When he got through drinking it
he ate the top part of the glass. After he had eaten that, he turned the
glass over and ate the base too. Then he carefully laid the stem down on the
counter and ordered another martini. The bartender got it for him and didn't
say anything. The man did the same thing with the second martini:  he drank
it, then ate the top of the glass, turned it over, ate the base, and
carefully laid the stem on the counter beside the first one. He continued
to do this until he had five stems laid in a row on the bar.
Up to this point the bartender hadn't said a word. Of course the man was
getting pretty sloshed, so he looked at the bartender belligerently and
said, "I bet you think I'm crazy, don't you!" The bartender looked him
straight in the eye and replied, "You sure are! The stem's the best part!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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