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Back, back, back,back, back... (Bill Blackwell)

I injured my knee about a month ago in a sports activity.  Being the good,
"dedicated" weekend athlete, I checked my employer's PPO list to find the
best Orthopedic surgeon on our plan.  In recent cost-cutting moves
precipitated, no doubt, by rising salaries, both two local franchises, the
Houston Astros (MLB) and the Nashville Oilers (NFL), have recently gone to
using health networks for their medical needs.  In fact, one network,
HealthSouth, has managed to capture all three major-league Houston
franchises (they'd already had the Rockets...).  When I arrived at the
office, I was struck by the literally hundreds of pictures of Houston
athletes lining the walls - lots of Hakeem Olajuwon's, Nolan Ryan's, Craig
Biggio, etc.  Thus, I found my experience at this doctor's office yesterday
(9/7/95) to be quite amusing...

[O - Office Worker; P - Patient]

O: Now Mr. Bell, we've got some problems with your bill.
P: Okay...
O: Now, we've tried contacting your insurance company, but they've refused
payment.  Do you have any idea why?
P: Umm, I don't know.
O: Now, let's make sure we've got your information right.  Your first name
is Derek?
P: Yeah.
O: Last Name - Bell?
P: Yeah.
O: Was this a work-related injury?
P: Yeah.  I was hit by a pitch.
O: And who's your employer?
P: The Astros.
O: Do you know their worker's Compensation ID number?
P: Huh?
O: Is there someone at the office, perhaps, whom we could call to confirm that
this was a work related injury?
[I'm trying real hard not to laugh at this point]
P: You could talk to Terry, I guess.
O: Okay, what's his number?
P: I don't know.
O: Now, when you say that you were hit by a pitch, was this at a
company-sponsored event. or was it on your own time?

[Fortunately, I was called in at this point, so I missed the resolution of
this comedy.  For those of you who don't know, Derek Bell is the starting
Right Fielder for the Astros, and was hit on the foot in a televised game.
The Terry in question was
Terry Collins, the 'Stros manager.  I almost wanted to say something, but I
didn't have the heart, instead I just hobbled into the examination room...]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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