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Why important people are important... (True story) (Joseph Carl Pemberton)

This is a true story of an encounter between my brother (who was 10
years old at the time) and a 3-star general (as related to me by my

My younger brother attended a promotion party for my father held in
the officers club at the Air Force base where my father worked.  At
one point during the party my father was talking with several officers
when my brother walked up to the group.  My father introduced my
brother to the group of officers that included a 3-star general who
was the base commander.

When introduced to the 3-star general, my brother's first response
was, "Your the guy with that special parking space in the front of the
building".  In order to keep the general from being offended, my
father quickly added, "Yes that's right, but you know, a lot of
responsibility goes along with that parking space."  Much to the shock
of my father and without missing a beat, my brother replied, "Yeah,
you have to keep other people from parking in it."

Fortunately this general has a good sense of humor, so my dad was
allowed to keep his job...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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