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Additional research on FBS (Fake Blonde Syndrome) (Bruce Wehr)
(topical, smirk)

    Responding to the research on Fake Blondes posted here earlier, a
    co-worker, Don Reeck, adds:


    Gee, kind of a restrictive treatise on the FB phenomonon.  It totally
    fails to include causative effects outside of the experimental scope of
    his theory.  For example, it has already been proven (refer to the
    Journal of TV Advertising, circa 1967 or the Journal of Irreproduceable
    Results, 1984) that one characteristic of the larger set B (blondes) is
    that they have More Fun.  ( MF is proportional to B, with the limit
    being reached when B approaches TB, or Totally Blonde)	
    However, MF may itself depend on another factor, MTL, or Male
    Testosterone Level.  As MTL increases, the attraction for B or FB
    increases.  In other words, in high testosterone cases, the tendency to
    seek out blondes wishing to have more fun increases.  ((author's note: 
    this is where the logic gets a little fuzzy, as it will in any
    biological experiment, and traditional mathematics fails to adequately
    model the phenomonon)  The connection is therefore obvious, it is
    really the MTL factor that tends to dominate the energy, or forcing,
    function in this reaction.  It should be obvious that FB would not
    occur by itself; ie. there is no forcing function in either of the
    proposed equations ( d=F(b), or fb=G(d).  In other words, there is no
    concentration gradient in d=F(b) that would skew the results towards B
    in preferrence to R or Bl or any other possible outcome.
    One obvious result of this research is that the original work must be
    put to the test.  Does the MF equation really hold?   If it does, then
    the next questions would logically be as follow:  Why does MTL cause
    the phenomonon known as "Gentlemen prefer blondes"?   Does MF correlate
    more strongly with the condition of the F-factor (female being blonde)
    or the M-factor (high MTL men prefer blondes) or even the A-factor
    (advertising can make us believe really stupid things).  This, then,
    brings us full circle to again consider the relationship of D
    (dumbness) as it relates to the three factors (M,F,A) and to the
    original postulate, d=F(fb).  My hypothesis is that the d-factor most
    strongly affects, or is affected by, male testosterone level.  In fact,
    empirical evidence strongly suggests that d and MTL show an exponential
    correlation; ie. dumbness increases exponentially as MTL increases. 
    This evidence is widely available in such respected Journals as Inside
    Sports, Sport Magazine, Boxing Today, and Sports Illustrated as well as
    in television documentaries such as Monday Night Football, to name but
    a few.
    Left unexplored in this treatise is the question of why females are
    attracted to, and wish to please, men with high MTL.  If this question
    can be answered, we will be a long way towards explaining the fb

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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